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Travel concession eligibility on state transport

Recent Changes to Eligibility

In response to representations made by UTS and other stakeholders, on 21 February 2013, the Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian announced changes to the eligibility criteria for tertiary student travel concessions. Under long standing rules, full time tertiary students had to be attending day classes and could not be employed to be eligible for transport concessions.

Ms Berejiklian’s press release indicated that from 21 February 2013, the following groups of full time UTS students will be eligible for transport concessions:

  • Those who are employed or otherwise receiving an income;
  • Those who are enrolled in evening classes;
  • Those undertaking postgraduate research at universities

The updated Transport for NSW eligibility criteria now state that a NSW Tertiary Student Concession Card may only be issued to a UTS student who:

  • is an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia; and
  • resides in New South Wales; and
  • is a full-time student enrolled on an internal basis (except where a person, by reason of disability, is enrolled on a part-time basis and/or on an external basis).
International Students at UTS on temporary visas must be:
  • enrolled full-time (minimum of 18cps per semester), and
  • not be engaged in business or employment or receive any remuneration (scholarships and allowances such as Austudy and Youth Allowance are not counted as remuneration), and be in receipt of
    • an Endeavour Award funded for full scholarships of DIISRTE, or
    • an Australian Leadership Award funded for full scholarships by AusAID, or
    • an Australian Development Scholarships funded for full scholarships by AusAid.

You can find further information about Scholarships and Exchange Program coverage online.

Full-fee paying International Students at UTS on temporary visas including those undertaking Exchange (inbound) and Study Abroad:

  • are NOT eligible for a NSW Travel Concession.
  • are eligible to purchase discounted travel tickets from the UTS International Office.

Discounted tickets can be used in the same way as regular MyMulti tickets for travel on train, bus, ferry and light rail in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. Go to the My Zone page for more information on using MyMulti2 and MyMulti3 tickets.

Discounted tickets are not concession fares, so you are not required to carry a NSW travel concession while using public transport.

For more information, go to the Transport for NSW website or contact the UTS International Office on 9514 1767 for further assistance.

Travel concession sticker

Students eligible for travel concessions should have a travel concession sticker affixed on their student identity card or their Rail Corp Concession Card (for half-year concession)

Student identity cards or Rail Corp Concession cards showing the travel concession sticker should always be carried when traveling on state transport or when buying a ticket.

If you cease to comply with the eligibility conditions, you MUST discontinue using the travel concession and return your travel concession sticker to your Student Centre.

If you provide false information or breach any of the conditions you could be rendered liable for prosecution.

Travel Concession for continuing students

If you are a continuing student who is eligible for travel concession you can pick up your travel concession sticker from your Student Centre.

You do not need to complete a form to apply for travel concession. A UTS staff member will print your Online Enrolment Advice (OEA) if you are eligible and you will be required to sign a declaration (incorporated on your OEA) agreeing to abide by the conditions of your NSW Travel Concession before the sticker is issued to you.

If you are allocated a half year travel concession at the beginning of the year will need to hand in your Rail Corp Concession Card to the Student Centre at the time you collect your Spring semester travel concession.