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Missed or can't sit a centrally-conducted exam?

If you have missed the whole of an exam due to illness or misadventure, make a Special Exams Application as detailed below.

If you have attempted any part of a centrally-conducted exam, you must apply for special consideration, no later than two working days after the exam.

Students who feel ill on the day of the examination, or have suffered a misadventure and do not feel they can complete the examination, should not attempt the examination but should apply for a Special Exam. If you sit any part of a centrally-conducted examination you are not eligible for a Special Exam.

These details do not apply to faculty-based exams. If you have missed a faculty-based exam please contact your Student Centre to discuss arrangements.

Special Examinations

Special exams are usually scheduled after the centrally-conducted exam period.

You must be available during this period because if you fail to attend a special exam, no other arrangements will be made.

Special Exams application

You can only apply for a special exam after you have missed a centrally-conducted exam. You cannot apply before the date of the exam. It is highly recommended that you apply on the day that you missed your exam.

To apply for a special exams complete the:
Special exams application.

Print the copy of the completed form and take it to your:

  • counselor,
  • health professional, or
  • minister of religion.

Please note: Documentation from Health Professionals must include their Medicare Provider Number. Documentation from Health Professionals without a Medicare Provider Number will not be accepted

Have them complete the professional authority section.

Sign, scan (into PDF format) and email the full completed form (the signed cover page/personal details and professional authority form) to using your UTS Email account only, no later than TWO working days after your missed exam. Please note, under UTS rules, communications from other email accounts which are not your official UTS account may not be accepted.

Include in your email your name, student ID number, and the subject number of the exam that you missed in the centrally-conducted exam period.

You must also keep the original hardcopy. Exams Branch may request to see the original. If you cannot produce the original completed application form when requested, your special exam will not be assessed.

Please note that the documentation provided with your application may be verified by the University with the issuing authority. Disciplinary action may be taken by the University if false and misleading documentation is submitted.

Outcome of Application

Special exams timetable

As directed in an email confirming your application, to access your special exams details please log in to My Student Admin on 24 April 2014 after 5pm. If your special exam timetable for Mid Autumn 2014 is not available by 12pm on 25 April 2014 contact Exams Branch by email at immediately so that we can arrange your special exam.

You will need to attend your special exam at the designated date, time and location. If you fail to attend a special exam, no other arrangements will be made.

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