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Subject activities

Following subject enrolment, you must register for subject activities using My Subject Activities. To view all available subject activities use the timetable builder.

Subject activities are the classes or activities you need to do to complete a subject. A subject may consist of one or more activity groups (types) such as a:

  • lecture,
  • tutorial,
  • seminar,
  • drop in,
  • lab session and/or
  • workshop.

To find out what activities you need to do for a subject:

There are two types of subject activity allocation::

  1. Allocation-adjustment period
    where you may vary your allocation by swapping activities for available alternative slots.
  2. Auto-allocation period
    where you are allocated to activities in cases where there is no choice, for example, where a lecture is only held once a week and there is no other option.

You may only attend subject activities for which you are registered in My Subject Activities. Registration into these activities will also ensure that you get access to appropriate UTSOnline resources.